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Status reports

In october and november my status reports for both the phd-program and the Heinrich-Böll foundation were due. They are available on request.

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I participated in this year's PRESENCE meeting of the International Society for Presence Research in Edinburgh, Scotland from 26.-28.10.2011. I have a five pages review of my impressions from this meeting, which is available on request.

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Poster presentation on Campus 2011

Poster Therapeutic PresenceI participated in this year's "Campus" summer academy of the Heinrich-Böll foundation and I presented my phd project with a poster.

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ICVR 2011

I visited the International Conference on Virtual Rehabilitation 2011 in Zürich, Switzerland from 27.-29. june 2011. I have a five pages review of my impressions, which is available on request.

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IK 2011

I visited the Interdisciplinary College 2011 in Günne, Lake Möhnesee from 25.3. - 1.4.2011. It was kind of a crash-course in cognitive science for me. And at the right moment: I started my work at the cognitive science department in April!

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Campusemerge Award

We were awarded with the campusemerge-prize for our blended learning concept. The prize is promoted by the "Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur (MWK)", the "Kompetenzzentrum Hochschuldidaktik Niedersachsen (kh:n)" and the "e-learning academic network (elan-ev)". I worked on the blended learning concept and the video contribution for campusemerge together with Prof. Dr. Karsten Morisse and Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Svenja Wichelhaus from the University of Applied Science, Osnabrück. Our contribution has been chosen by public vote and an expert-jury. Many thanks to all supporters!

This is the video of our application:

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Scholarship for my PhD-project

Good news for my PhD-studies! My project "Therapeutic Presence" will be funded with a scholarship starting April 2011. The scholarship is granted by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Berlin for 2 years.

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Contribution to eL&mL 2011


assessMe - mobile application for Stud.IP ViPs

In the past year I was concerned with a further development of the blended learning concept we use for students of media computer science (see Work and Publications). Our goal was, to enhance the mobile use of the learning material. We developed an application for iPhone and iPod touch users, which allows to solve the online assessments of our learning management system on the mobile devices. It is used for the first time in this semester and usage is monitored. We wrote a paper about the development and the planned evaluation, which was now accepted by eL&mL 2011 conference committee.



Just a short note: my website now starts! You'll find more about me and my research in Osnabrueck on these pages in the coming weeks.

Regards! Thomas

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