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New position

Today I started my new position as technology consultant for SALT AND PEPPER's software solution center in Osnabrück. We will develop virtual reality and web applications. Contact me for details.

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Contribution to Mensch & Computer 2014

My article titled "Abstrake virtuelle Umgebung für die Schlaganfalltherapie" was accepted for full paper publication at the Mensch & Computer conference 2014, which will be held at the Technische Universität München.

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Give the child a name … AVUS

After the prototype for my research software has been tested and advanced in several iterations I have a more stable release version now. It turns out that speaking about prototypes and iterations is not very catchy, therefore a name need to be coined. I decided to use:

AVUS: Abstrakte Virtuelle Umgebung für Schlaganfalltherapie (Abstract virtual environment for stroke therapy)



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Reviewer for Presence Live 2012

I served as a reviewer for the program committee for the Presence Live conference 2012 in Philadelphia, US ( Thanks to the organizers for putting trust in me.

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Campusemerge Award

We were awarded with the campusemerge-prize for our blended learning concept. The prize is promoted by the "Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur (MWK)", the "Kompetenzzentrum Hochschuldidaktik Niedersachsen (kh:n)" and the "e-learning academic network (elan-ev)". I worked on the blended learning concept and the video contribution for campusemerge together with Prof. Dr. Karsten Morisse and Dipl.-Inf. (FH) Svenja Wichelhaus from the University of Applied Science, Osnabrück. Our contribution has been chosen by public vote and an expert-jury. Many thanks to all supporters!

This is the video of our application:

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Scholarship for my PhD-project

Good news for my PhD-studies! My project "Therapeutic Presence" will be funded with a scholarship starting April 2011. The scholarship is granted by the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, Berlin for 2 years.

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Contribution to eL&mL 2011


assessMe - mobile application for Stud.IP ViPs

In the past year I was concerned with a further development of the blended learning concept we use for students of media computer science (see Work and Publications). Our goal was, to enhance the mobile use of the learning material. We developed an application for iPhone and iPod touch users, which allows to solve the online assessments of our learning management system on the mobile devices. It is used for the first time in this semester and usage is monitored. We wrote a paper about the development and the planned evaluation, which was now accepted by eL&mL 2011 conference committee.



Just a short note: my website now starts! You'll find more about me and my research in Osnabrueck on these pages in the coming weeks.

Regards! Thomas

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