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Dissertation completed :)

On 4th of november I had my doctoral defense and passed it successfully! In the meantime the thesis was published and is available at the university of osnabrück:

  • Thomas Schüler. Abstrakte virtuelle Illusionen für die Schlaganfalltherapie. Dissertation, Universität Osnabrück, November 2014. urn:nbn:de:gbv:700-2014121712964
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Contribution to ICDVRAT 2014

Together with Luara Ferreira dos Santos (TU Berlin) and Simon Hoermann (University of Otago, New Zealand) I wrote a short paper which introduces a conceptualization of virtual reality environments for motor rehabilitation. We distinguish three different types of visual feedback and link them to three dimensions of presence. The paper is titled "Harnessing the Experience of Presence for Virtual Motor Rehabilitation: Towards a Guideline for the Development of Virtual Reality Environments" and was accepted for presentation at the ICDVRAT in Gothenburg, Sweden on September 2-4, 2014.

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Contribution to Mensch & Computer 2014

My article titled "Abstrake virtuelle Umgebung für die Schlaganfalltherapie" was accepted for full paper publication at the Mensch & Computer conference 2014, which will be held at the Technische Universität München.

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Brief introduction of the AVUS system available

I uploaded a very short description of the AVUS system and the performed pilot study to the work section of this website. The text gives a brief overview of my phd work.

Please download the introduction here:

AVUS short info

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Contribution to ISPR 2014

Our paper "Telepresence and motor rehabilitation in an abstract virtual environment for stroke patients" was accepted for the Presence conference 2014 organised by the ISPR. I wrote the paper together with Sonja Drehlmann, Friederike Kane and Harry von Piekartz. We introduce the AVUS system, which was developed explicitly drawing on telepresence research, and describe our pilotstudy and prospective results.

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7. Tag der Gesundheitswirtschaft / 7th day of health management

On 8.11.2013 the "7. Tag der Gesundheitswirtschaft" took place at the airport Münster/Osnabrück. The topic of this year's meeting was "Telemedizin im ländlichen Raum/Telemedicine in rural areas". The meeting was organised by Gewinet.

Alongside the exhibition I was given the oppotunity to demonstrate the AVUS system to clinical researchers, practitioners and representatives of the public health system.

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ICVR 2013

I will present a poster at ICVR 2013 in Philadelphia! Together with colleagues from the physiotherapy department of the University of Applied Science in Osnabrück we wrote a short paper that introduces the AVUS system and the protocol for a pilotstudy. The poster will present preliminary results from the study with which we tested the AVUS system for stroke patients.

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Pilot study testing the AVUS-system

The AVUS-system (my research software) is currently tested in a pilot study with stroke patients. Support comes from the department for physiotherapy of the university of applied science in Osnabrück and a local neurologic rehabilitation center. 5 patients have been tested so far and the study is ongoing. Results will hopefully be published soon.

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IK 2013

I participated in this years edition of the interdisciplinary college in Günne at Lake Möhne. For a week (15.-22. march) participants from the cognitive science community gather to discuss and attend lectures and workshops. This years topic was "Complexity, Wicked Problems and Wisdom". The event was a great success and very informative.

I also had the opportunity to give a lecture ("rainbow course") about the field of Virtual Rehabilitation and my phd-project. See the lecture's abstract here: Abstract VReha IK2013


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Give the child a name … AVUS

After the prototype for my research software has been tested and advanced in several iterations I have a more stable release version now. It turns out that speaking about prototypes and iterations is not very catchy, therefore a name need to be coined. I decided to use:

AVUS: Abstrakte Virtuelle Umgebung für Schlaganfalltherapie (Abstract virtual environment for stroke therapy)



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